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The team at Olidev are experts in web development from small business websites to larger and more complex web applications. Whether you are looking to kick off a new project or looking to apply updates to your existing project, we are willing to apply our expertise to your dream project.

Web Application Development – Example project scenarios
Small to medium business websites

Whether you’re new to the world of business or looking to give your existing that extra kick, we are willing to give you advice on how you can grow your business using a website or web application. Whether you are a childcare centre, a doctor’s clinic, accountancy or any-other business, it would be our joy to assist you to develop a website. Moreover, if you are a company that is looking to move all their business online, we are happy to create e-commerce solutions for you and are happy to suggest different ways to drive traffic to your website. If you have any website needs for your business and are limited by finances, we are happy to accommodate for your needs to by creating a financial plan which is fair and easy to follow.

Charity Websites

If you run a charity which is looking for an extra hand with their website, Olidev is happy to help! Feel free to complete our website enquiry form to request assistance with your website. You may also request a discount for the development price of your website – we have a soft spot for charities that benefit the world. (T’s & C’s apply)

Enterprise Websites

Olidev offers solutions for larger businesses who are looking to enhance their existing website or create a new one. This may include enhancing the performance of an existing website, applying mobile optimisation updates, or resolve complex issues. You can get in touch using our website enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Website Applications

Olidev has had vast experience in the development of website applications which enhance the overall profitability and productivity of a business. We have developed web applications used to manage money, advertise holiday options & track users on a holiday, create blog posts and even applications which link to large financial systems such as MYOB to manage invoices, payments & quotes. Whatever your website application need may be, Olidev is willing to embark on the development of it! You can get in touch via our website enquiry form and we will be in touch to discuss your dream application.

Our web development process

Our web development process is developed concisely to ensure the client is satisfied with the quality of the website build. The processes involved in our website development involve the following:

  1. Specification Gathering – A consultant at Olidev will gather the requirements associated with a website project from the client to ensure all the required specifications are understood in the development of the website application. This involves understanding the needs of the application and enabling the client to set a clear budget for the project along with identifying whether there is a certain deadline that must be met for the successful delivery of a project.
  2. Design & Architecture Planning – The team at Olidev will start planning the back-bones and the front-end display of the website to ensure it meets all requirements accordingly and is aesthetically pleasing for the end-users. The client is involved in the entire process and given the opportunity to apply new changes to existing designs during the phase. The architecture planning stage involves assessing the needs of the website such as – where it is to be hosted, how much volume it must be able to support and whether there are any extra integrations to be considered in the development process.
  3. Development – The team at Olidev will now use the information gathered to develop the application. The code will be developed at an exceptional quality to enable easy maintenance for future developers. The code will be tested thoroughly to ensure it is compatible with multiple platforms and that there are no errors that would interrupt the end-user’s experience. The team will ensure the project is developed according to the client’s deadline and previous requirements.
  4. Live Testing – After being developed, the application will be available for live testing. The Olidev team will test the application vigorously to ensure it is at an exceptional standard. The client will receive a link to a sample site where they can test the application as if it were live.

Any questions? You can contact us below! Feel free to leave your details below and we will get back to you when possible.

What our clients say

Oliver is an asset to our company and since joining Clubmates Travel in 2013 he developed and now updates the Website constantly. I work directly with Oliver and I assist with marketing guidance as the Managing Director. Oliver has been working with Clubmates To provide the company a face via social media which has a very strong impact on the end users positive opinion of the company.
Oliver has also taken on the role as our Social Media manager and produces good interaction with our social media followers and provides ideas to build our brand further with positive results.

Peter Negri
ClubMates Travel & Oztrek Tours

Oliver was contracted by me for a 3 week project to load skin care article content into the NIVEA desktop & mobile websites. He was very efficient, technically savvy working with Sitecore & churned through a lot of work with care, initiative & pride. He fitted into the team well & we would have him back any day!

Janine Jones
Digital Marketing & PR Manager

Oliver came to our business to support us with our website and a project we were working on at the time.

Upon joining our business Oliver quickly got across our business’s systems and process, enabling him to be an effective and important member of the project team. As well as completing tasks quickly he also proposed new ways of working to create efficiencies moving forward. This included implementation of different scripts for certain tasks.

Throughout working his contract Oliver was professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend hiring Oliver and would be happy to work with him again.

Alex Weir
Operations Manager
Our Work

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