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About our company

Olidev is a digital services provider based in Sydney which began in 2012 in the household of Oliver Kucharzewski whom is now providing a broad range of services to different types of businesses around Australia. Initially Olidev started out as a business developing small-scale web-pages but have grown to develop large-scale enterprise applications including booking platforms, holiday sites, accounting packages, medication applications and more!

Olidev has dealt with clients such as McDonalds through teaming up with Workstar to help with the development of their e-learning platforms, and NIVEA and the digital production of their skin care blogs.

Our Values


We believe that God is love, and this means we love our clients – so that others may know where our love comes from! We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied with their final product and approach our work with diligence. 

Value rooted in 1 John 4:19


When it comes to work, we approach it with diligence. Olidev believes it is important to treat our customers’ work with respect. Our ultimate goal in all projects is a smile on our client’s face. We work hard and far further than expected to deliver your final product. We strive to shine a light in the world of I.T. to ensure your experience with our service results in joy.

Value rooted in Matthew 5:16


When dealing with different clientele, we always offer support. Whenever we find an opportunity to support your business, we will ensure to notify you. When you are being charged over-the-top prices for I.T. products we will find you alternatives and ensure you are always in the loop. We understand the world of I.T. is always changing and its easy to become lost in the process so we will strive to ensure that we can help our clients with their needs in a plain & simple language that they will understand. 

Value rooted in Romans 15:2



We believe that our purpose is to serve people worldwide. For Olidev this means helping others across the world – your use of our service will be used to help those in need in places where support is limited. We value organisations such as Compassion which support individuals who struggle with poverty. Our service is not only limited to this area but also extended to our clientele, we understand there may be financial burdens laid upon organisations along with emotionally straining periods and we will strive to be supportive to our clientele.

Value rooted in Matthew 20:28

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What our clients say

Oliver is an asset to our company and since joining Clubmates Travel in 2013 he developed and now updates the Website constantly. I work directly with Oliver and I assist with marketing guidance as the Managing Director. Oliver has been working with Clubmates To provide the company a face via social media which has a very strong impact on the end users positive opinion of the company.
Oliver has also taken on the role as our Social Media manager and produces good interaction with our social media followers and provides ideas to build our brand further with positive results.

Peter Negri
ClubMates Travel & Oztrek Tours

Oliver was contracted by me for a 3 week project to load skin care article content into the NIVEA desktop & mobile websites. He was very efficient, technically savvy working with Sitecore & churned through a lot of work with care, initiative & pride. He fitted into the team well & we would have him back any day!

Janine Jones
Digital Marketing & PR Manager

Oliver came to our business to support us with our website and a project we were working on at the time.

Upon joining our business Oliver quickly got across our business’s systems and process, enabling him to be an effective and important member of the project team. As well as completing tasks quickly he also proposed new ways of working to create efficiencies moving forward. This included implementation of different scripts for certain tasks.

Throughout working his contract Oliver was professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend hiring Oliver and would be happy to work with him again.

Alex Weir
Operations Manager
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